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Today it's practically a dying art, and those daring lovers who do want to consummate their lust in medias res must be more resourceful than ever in maximizing this endangered activity. We all know that nothing arouses the libido like the prospect of being very naughty, hitel just possibly getting caught.

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Risk factor: Between 8am-5pm, extremely high. Risk factor: Low most days, though the real challenge comes when tour buses are in residence, complete with nosy tourists. Time allowed: After half an hour, expect snoopers to get suspicious.

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At the Rio, the back rows on the left side toward the wall will ensure that no one will interrupt you to go to the bathroom or cause coitus interruptus due to spilling popcorn. Free porn videos website online! Variable after dark. Cost: If you park your car just off Highway 9 and hike in, it's free. Of course you do. If you're really chicken, bring a friend to station in front of the curtain--ideally someone who likes to listen. The paranoid should position associates at each floor to manipulate external buttons.

Cost: A week's worth of cappuccino, or its equivalent, to gain access. That's the time to stake your claim. Precautions Take a test ride and experiment with that "Hold" button.

Manos Crucenas Artisan Store, Santa Cruz La Laguna: Hours, Address, Manos Crucenas Artisan Store Reviews: 5/5

Cost: None. Risk factor: Could get up there during really rad surf conditions. Best on rainy days, when an umbrella can lend privacy. Comfort: 6 out of soft bark on the floor of this gigantic, hollowed-out space makes this a soft, carpeted experience. There's nothing more fun than slipping away from the pack of visitors for a tour of more private parts of this Victorian complex.

Show off your minimalist technique.

Precautions: The usual--dress hootel but keep buttons to a minimum. A blanket provides both warmth and instant privacy. There are always naked girls who are happy to undress and show all their intimate places and body parts. Precautions: Best attempted during hot summer days when the teen gangs provide distraction for the security cops.

Sex in hotel rooms in santa cruz

From the Feb. Risk factor: Low, unless you've removed a lot of clothing. Noise allowed: Unless you can mimic barnyard animals, best to keep it down to a low moan. Risk factor: Dog-walkers and aerobic buffs could wander in to spoil the show. Just watch your sahta on that steering wheel.

Sex in hotel rooms in santa cruz

Best to stick to basics--save round-the-world for the drive-in. Precautions: To avoid suspicion, enter the room one at a time. This is a great place to study those head shots. Cost: Only cguz you actually purchase something. Porn videos are FREE.

Sex in hotel rooms in santa cruz

Comfort: 4 out of firm and confined, though many find those safety bars a distinct turn-on. Top of the Boardwalk Ferris Wheel Yes, this is a very Hollywood location, calling into play one's sense of drama, fearlessness and speed.

Sex in hotel rooms in santa cruz

The soft dunes are nature's own couches of naughtiness. County Building Elevator This is a true mega-challenge, requiring nerves of steel, mechanical aptitude, good hand-eye coordination and lack of submission to bureaucratic structure. All photos of girls contain intimate scenes with them, for every connoisseur of porn, there are different genres: beauties with big boobs, asses, pissing, rokms, swallowing sperm, naked, masturbating, anal porn, etc Cost: Make a donation to the upkeep of the ranch.

Comfort: 3 out of rustic, to be sure, but a blanket can help, especially to protect against falling shale.

8 of America's kinkiest hotel rooms

Comfort: 1 out of unless heavy metal, gauges and weathered hardwood fire your rockets. Time allowed: As long as it takes to stage and develop two sets of pictures--we're talking minutes, max. You might want to consider the old laptop position for this one, thereby revealing only a single pair of legs to any potential gawkers.

Cost: Nada, nicht, rien. Time allowed: After 5pm, knock yourself out. Noise allowed: Shhhhhh!

Precautions: Make sure you're safely parked way off Highway 1. But the degree alfresco view from the top is our favorite. Here are the most entertaining public spots in Santa Cruz County to do the deed. There is more than porn in and Precautions: Position yourselves so that you can see out of one of the windows--keep a watch for pesky tourists, and make sure the park ranger is otherwise occupied.

Noise allowed: Passing cars will cover gasps of delight toward the bottom of the stairway, though residences at the top dictate discretion. Comfort: 3 out of minimal, but the mirrors more than make up for it. But for God's sake, don't leave your car inside while doin' the whoop--the gates lock at am.