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Across Europe there are an estimated 10 million Roma people - a large of them live in poverty and face daily discrimination because of their background.

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With the restoration of peace the roles were reversed. In February, for instance, a rocket-propelled grenade killed three Mtirovica travelling in a United Nations bus, in retaliation for which eight Albanians and Turks were killed by Serb mobs in the northern part of the town. Subsection Europe.

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Terms under which this service is provided to you. It was a pertinent slogan.

Last rendezvous for Mir. Peace in the Balkans. Accurate statistics are hard to come by -- the last reliable census was in -- but figures from based on electrical records appear to show a well-mixed community, with 53 percent of the households in the northern half of the town registered mitrovic Albanian, and 47 percent as Serb.

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Las Vegas ad campaign to celebrate hedonism. Published duration 19 December Despite such cnat tension, however, there are indications that things are improving, albeit slowly.

Mitrovica chat

Relations between the two communities remain strained, with periodic eruptions of violence on both sides. Whenever there's any trouble people from each side congregate at either end of it and face each other off.

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Contact with OSU aircraft was lost before it went down, investigator says. Situated in the north of Kosovo, 75 kilometres from the Serb border, Mitrovica has for long been the region's main industrial and mining centre, home to the powerful Trepca Mining, Metallurgical and Chemical Combine.

London F'furt Paris US. Squalid conditions for Roma families forced from homes no Close. The town became divided along strictly racial lines, with the Iber acting as a buffer between the Serbs and Roma in the northern half of the town and the Albanians in the south. Go To There are no accurate statistics for how many Albanians live in the southern sector of the town, although it is thought to be approximately 90, Read our privacy guidelines.

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Displaced Albanians poured back into the town and its Serb and Roma inhabitants were in turn forced to seek refuge north of the Iber an estimated Serb families lost their homes in the southern part of town. Arafat cbat Israel at Davos.

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A series of economic reconstruction projects are under way, and the city is no longer under curfew as it was earlier in the year. Squalid conditions for Roma families forced from homes.

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As the saying goes: The tree doesn't grow straight to heaven. For many, the industrial town on the banks of the river Iber -- described in February as "the most dangerous place in Europe" by United Nations Mitrovicx Richard Holbrooke -- has become a potent symbol of the problems facing Kosovo as a chat. The bridge across the river tends to be the focal point. Some 12, Serbs now live in the town's northern sector, with 2, to 2, Albanians scattered among them, most of whom, according to a UN report: "continue to live essentially in hiding with severe restrictions on freedom of mitrovica particularly males.

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Section BBC News. Four thousand troops under French control -- 2, from France, the rest from Spain, Poland, Russia, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates -- are responsible for maintaining a fragile peace.

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What disappeared, as it did throughout Kosovo, was any pretence at ethnic harmony. Indiana beats Bond in heroes poll. Particular concerns have been voiced about the destabilising effects of President Slobodan Milosevic's regime in Belgrade. You have problems elsewhere, but in Mitrovica it is particularly visible.

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Across Europe there are an estimated 10 million Roma people - a large of them live in poverty and face daily discrimination because of their background. The ethnic diversity remained. What happens here tends to be a yardstick for what's happening elsewhere in the region.

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All involved acknowledge there is much still much to do, and that the situation has the potential to flare at any moment. Mitrpvica doctors debate ethics of testing super-aspirin. Their plight was highlighted earlier this year when a Roma couple in Greece were accused of abducting a young blonde girl called Maria.

Mitrovica chat

The conflicts ofhowever, saw ethnic displacement on a massive scale. Search CNN. All Rights Reserved. Three years ago Mitrovica had an ethnically diverse population of Albanians