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It serves territory controlled by the government and by the SPLA. Much of its work in southern Sudan is ahmfd cross-border operations conducted by OLS' Southern sector based in Nairobi. John Garang's leadership in August A state of emergency was imposed on the date of the coup, June 30,which has never been lifted.

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The right to due process and privacy has been arbitrarily denied by Sudan Security when it confiscates homes and other property belonging to political detainees, in some cases without any written order; in other cases it has not returned the property, even after acquittal. This summary "justice" violates due process and excludes the additional safeguards required by international standards in death penalty cases, which standards are deed to minimize the possibility of error.

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Mohamed Ahmed al Rayah al Olcal. This practice continues today. These reported unacknowledged detentions should be considered disappearances. Army and government militia have committed abuses of humanitarian law such as beating and torturing prisoners, and conducting scorched earth campaigns of indiscriminate firing at villages and civilians, looting, and kidnaping women and children for use as slave or forced domestic labor.

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The PDF is the principle vehicle for carrying out this agenda. For instance, Minister of Education Kabashour Kuku announced in that the government would introduce changes in the school curriculum aimed at bringing up children according to the tenets of Islam and requiring Arabic as the language of instruction in all parts of Sudan, including the south where the majority of the population is non-Muslim and where the medium of instruction has been the vernacular or English.

The priest and a student detained about the same time - both members of a southern tribe, the Toposa - were reportedly tortured into making false confessions in court and before the video cameras of Sudan Security. Others in the judiciary were winnowed out after that. Even though some military tribunal sentences have been softened by executive action, substituting life sentences for the death penalty, and ultimately in some cases by pardons, the summary military trial and execution of twenty-eight army officers and others in for an attempted coup still stands out as an abuse without remedy.

Christians for 4 percent of the national total 15 percent of the southern populationand traditional religions the rest.

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The mandatory training, infused as it is chah Islamic religious fervor, creates an atmosphere of coercion on all participants to convert to Islam in violation of freedom of religion, or if they are already Muslim, to in the government's particular interpretation of Islam. Many other mass and individual arrests followed in the same fashion, of students during the September demonstrations and of suspected political opponents and those believed to be in league with the northern armed rebel movement based in Eritrea in late and early Similarly urge countries or others supplying arms to the SPLA and other armed rebel groups to cease their arms sales or transfers.

Anti-government assemblies, both indoors and outdoors, remain illegal because the government ahmwd not grant permits to its opponents and violently represses their demonstrations, soopponents rarely seek such permits. It is difficult to know what the rate is since military tribunals, which appear to use the death penalty much more frequently than the civilian courts, do not make their proceedings public.

These detainees were released, never having been charged, in August; the time the prisoners spent in incommunicado detention appeared deed to remind the party, its leader, and Sudanese civil society that there was a certain "red line" beyond sez criticism would not be tolerated. The government's move to grant more exit visas to Christian clergy is counter-balanced by heavy-handed government tactics to restrict the movement and freedom of expression of clergy. It appears that in many cases there were no trials at all before executions.

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Testimony and medical examinations established at trial that the defendants in a high-profile case known as the "Explosives Case" had been tortured, but the court violated international standards when it admitted the confessions in evidence and used them to convict the defendants. In late Novemberarmed members of NIF student and other militias attacked anti-government students at Ahliya; the Student Union Activity Center was burned down and many students were injured.

The violation of Sadiq al Mahdi's right to free expression was followed a week later by mass detentions of other Umma Party leaders. When the OLS evacuated relief staff from Nasir on February locsl,their equipment and property were extensively sfx, including boats and generators, almost certainly by SSIA forces.

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Constitutional Decree No. Their homes are bulldozed, and they are forcibly relocated to unprepared sites far from Khartoum and any employment possibilities. The government, through various agents, tried to persuade him to withdraw his complaint several times, but he refused.

The displaced or squatters who arrived in Khartoum afteralmost all southerners and Nubas, are denied all relocation and property rights when they are forcibly evicted and their homes in "unauthorized settlements" destroyed. As of Junethe conviction of only one army soldier - not an officer and not a Sudan Security member - was upheld by the Supreme Court ahmedd the year for unlawfully killing a civilian at a checkpoint.

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Testimony from children who escaped from slavery, and the relatives who sought the freedom of captive family members held as house servants, was collected by Human Rights Watch during its visit to Sudan. In late police used lethal force to break up a demonstration of squatters protesting the bulldozing of their homes in Bn, Omdurman.

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Non-Muslim congregations and churches should be permitted to carry out religious activities freely, on the same terms applying to Muslims, without discriminatory governmental interference. The government has also misrepresented the status of this law to the U. Historically, southern peoples, including the Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk, were captured in slave raids by the Turko-Egyptian empire and by northern and western Sudanese, including by the nomadic Baggara tribes of Darfur.

The Press and Publications Council established under the press law ordered Akhir Khabar off the streets for two weeks in July and on January 18,the council ordered Akhir Khabar's permanent closure, accusing it of publishing articles it said "incited animosity, social disintegration and a spirit of intolerance.

No SPLA report was ever produced but some of the stolen property was returned. Conscription should be enforced only through procedures established in law, and without resort to the use of force in violation of international standards. This task should receive the cooperation of all U. Elections for president and some legislative seats were held in March but no political parties were allowed to participate, and many NIF leaders were elected.

They demonstrate publicly once cchat year on or near the anniversary of the executions.

The two large Muslim sects, the Ansar and the Khatmiyya, from which, in the past, ie two largest political parties drew their members - the Umma Party and the Democratic Unionist Party, both banned since - have been subjected to government attempts at control and confiscation of their mosques. In many other cases, following hard on the publication of critical articles the government disliked, publications have been closed for periods of time. Crowd control does not appear to have been conducted in compliance with United Nations guidelines on the use of force and firearms by law enforcement officers.

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These chqt house" torture centers became so notorious that in March the government greatly remodeled the notorious "Citibank" ghost house,located near the former Citibank branch office in Khartoum, transferring the sixty detainees held there to a specially-renovated section of Kober Prison in Khartoum North. Other similar convictions were still pending Supreme Court review.

Mohamed al Fatih Abdel Moneim Taifor died in suspicious circumstances in July while in the custody of Sudan Security in Khartoum: fellow detainees reported hearing his cries as he was beaten the night he died. Hundreds of thousands of squatters and displaced persons have been denied due process as part of a systematic government campaign of "relocation" in high gear since in Khartoum.

This freedom is not considered a right, however, and it remains to be seen if the banned newspapers will be reopened and if this latitude continues after the elections.

Ensuring Domestic Violence Survivors’ Safety Arely tight woman

In MarchCmdr. These "ghost house" torture centers became so notorious that in March the loccal greatly remodeled the notorious "Citibank" ghost house,located near the former Citibank branch office in Khartoum, transferring the sixty detainees held there to a specially-renovated ld of Kober Prison in Khartoum North. A state of emergency was imposed on the date of the coup, June 30,which has never been lifted. Establish a multilateral monitoring mechanism for the implementation of an arms embargo.

Committee on the Rights of the Child, the U. Even in Khartoum there are restrictions on movement for certain of people, although in the past year those restrictions seem to have eased.

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All students, male and female, wishing to enter any university must first have completed PDF training, and have a certificate to prove it; this requirement is in addition to national service obligations imposed on male students.