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for Jan. It's Fandango Days this weekend in Al turas and ev erything is pointing to good times. Cal Pines will light up the night on Fri day, July 3 start ing with a barbecue from 3 p.

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The company has sent Kessler's office a building site plan, but has not yet filed for a building permit.

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At this point, enrollment s are only es timates at best. Supervisors Pat Cantrall and Ben Zandstra said that even if it didn't make a dif ference, it was good for the county and the agencies to be talking with each other for hearing opinions. Beoris has visited the community and sexuao be returning to work with the staff to co ordinate quality assurance activities and administrative relationships prior to the September start up.

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Meetings on a draft ordinance covering groundwater are in the works. The competition required students to read newspapers and follow the news over a period of three months and then take a multiple choice test on current events. Median income is that point when one half of the tax re turns are above and one half are below the midpoint.

A Public Health Perspective

She asked the county to look into apply ing for emergency disaster relief. According to the hospital, Doctor Bj contract was up for renewal in September and bids for medical services he has been provid ing were received from three firms.

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The letter stated that Simplot stoc,ton like to use the Eagleville airport if the runway were maintained and also pointed out that sometimes it has had to land smaller aircraft on county ro. She created the name Fabrics, Etc. Federal state and local fire fighting agencies are urging the public to be extremely cautious when working in or en joying the great outdoors. Option 3 - would provide all services listed above plus a limited service hospital.

Students and staff had been parking perpendicular on that street, and city staff be lieves diagonal is much safer. The Chamber was instrumental in obtaining the donation from Sierra Cyat. Tampering with mail is a felony offense.

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Forest says Modoc is treated as Sierra Nevada in plan. Zandstra added, "These kinds of conversations go a long way towards enhanced communication. He and Dr.

The fire was very hot and dangerous and could have spread quickly. I know that we're not getting called to all the incidents of domestic vio lence, there are stocktno lot of people who just won't report the beat ings. The Supervisors voted to file a formal protest to that ap plication because of the ef fect it may have on Modoc County water rights.

She at tended elementary school in Lake City and Surprise Val ley schools through her high school years. Some on the Board raised the issue of whether the County governments input really mattered to either Federal agency. You have to look at everything. On top of the shortage of candidates, there is also the is sue of attracting people to Alturas, not always the first choice of can didates who may have never even heard of the place.

Mix hopes the State Fire Marshal will shed some light on the fire source and cause. A pair of year-old boys was picked up by Alturas Police this week after allegedly stealing a Forest Service car and wrecking it early Monday morning.


Steyer was instrumental in the movement to locate the Devil's Garden Conservation Camp in Modoc and is striving to obtain the same positive for the community as have come from that project. During half-time of the Varsity game, the surprise announcement char be made as to who will reign as Homecoming Queen and court.

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Theacre Big Sage Fire Management Unit is de ed to save suppression costs and personnel for fires which threaten resource val ues. Karen Littler will the faculty as a third grade teacher while Susan Cameron will be teaching fourth grade.

Last Wednesday, before a t meeting of the Supervisors and the MMC Board, Lutheran Health made a pre sentation of its findings and potential options for the County to pursue. Tuesday through Friday from a. Therefore, he said, they have not sacrificed sezual rights to bbut. Nevertheless, current County Attorney Hugh Comisky told the Board on Tuesday that the law should be put on the books and be con sidered valid until it is over turned by a court.

Alturas finished fifth in all California even though the group of mostly fourth graders had to compete as a fifth grade team. If interested call Smokey Bear. Com mander, at At the same time, Modoc got an experienced principal at a time when credentialed administrators are in short supply and many districts are having to hire non-credentialed peo ple.

Several new ballfields and soccer fields are under construction at the present time, with grass planting set to begin very soon. Both believe cutting obstet rics and surgery will also further downgrade the repu tation of the facility and could cause cuts in other services includ ing laboratory or X-rays and more. Another low mark for Modoc came in 2nd grade reading where only 38 percent of stu dents scored above the na tional 50th percentile.

Aland emphasized that the study should be read as a whole, and that people shouldn't just focus on how one here or there might be changed. After that, they could go down even further and Maxwell emphasized that what MMC does with its costs this year, will have an effect on what the compensation rate will be for Fisher was a substitute teacher throughout Modoc County and taught Home Economics, Shop, Physical Education, Math and any other classes that required a substitute.

In cooperation with the high school, the city opted to allow students to park di agonally on the south side of East 10th Street between Main and Court. She also noted that this has been the practice in the past, and that it's time to pay smaller airports like Eagleville back. Agencies involved in the fire fighting effort were U.

Building Resilience: Florida BRACE, featuring Chris Uejio

The scene effectively shows that what ever the two sides were fighting over, in the long view of history, the vio lence and fight ing only brought them the same end. Army troops seeking to hunt down Captain Jack and bring him to trial. The cause of the fire remains under inves tigation. Gardener said the fire could double in size before it finally burns out.